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What kind of services do you offer?—

Prochofer Transport offers our members the following services: Personal Driver Service: Prochofer Transport provides members with a certified, highly qualified, personal driver to drive you (and your guests) wherever you desire in the comfort and convenience of your own vehicle Airport Transportation: A Prochofer Transport driver will take you to the airport (and/or pick you up) in the comfort of your own vehicle and will then return your vehicle to the pick-up location where it will be left securely per your instructions until your return. Senior Transportation: Our certified Drivers provide transportation to medical appointments, shopping trips, errands, you name it. Drivers will also provide assistance with unloading groceries, assisting with walkers and wheel chairs, etc. We are also happy to multi-task by running errands, getting your car washed, filling the tank, or anything else you would like us to do while you are at your appointment. Meetings & Special Events: Prochofer Transport has unique transportation solutions for your meetings & special events like weddings, corporate events, fundraisers, etc. Driver Owned Car: For those who need a Driver and a Car Prochofer Transport has Drivers available with certified Driver Owned Cars. Business Services: Complete turn key transportation management solutions including, Driver Staffing, Planning, and Shuttle on Demand.

How does Prochofer Transport work?—

After completing the simple registration process (Sign Up) members simply login and submit a Driver Reservation request or call 1-904-810-8448. A certified Driver meets you at your scheduled pick-up location and drives you wherever you desire in your vehicle. At the conclusion of your trip the Driver will bring you back to the original pick-up location.

How much does it cost?—

Our Personal Driving Service is based on an hourly rate except for Airport Runs, which are a flat rate based on location. The Prochofer Transport service is typically less than taxi service and up to 50% less than limo or sedan service.

Are Prochofer Transport drivers insured?—

Because Prochofer Transport drivers are driving your vehicle, you are guaranteed total protection under your primary insurance. In cases where the driver’s vehicle is used, all our drivers are private contractors and as such, are required to carry a high level insurance premium.

How does membership work?—

Prochofer Transport is a membership service. The annual individual/family membership is $29 which enables members to use any of the services throughout the year (hourly driver rates apply).For the first 30 days, membership is FREE so you can experience the service with no risk. We also have corporate memberships available so everyone in your company can enjoy Prochofer Transport.

What if I have a special discount or promo card?—

During the registration process there is a box to enter your code which will activate the discount.

How do I pay?—

 All rides will be billed to the passengers/customer’s credit card or corporate account at the completion of the trip, with the credit card that you entered during the Reservation process or provide the Driver a different credit card. Driver gratuities may be paid in cash if you prefer.

What is your tipping policy?—

Our drivers all strive to provide excellent service and very much appreciate tips. The Tipping guideline is similar to hospitality services from 15%-20%+.

What does the driver wear?—

The standard attire is “business dress” (black slacks, white button shirt, and black tie), however if you desire the driver will dress more casually (you can decide what attire you desire during the driver reservation process). We do have a minimum dress code for our drivers and “casual” dress is still considered neat and presentable. Jeans are not an option.

Will you drive my guests also?—

Yes, we will drive as many guests as you want provided each passenger has a seat belt. There is no additional charge for extra passengers.

What does the driver do when I’m at my desired location?—

Your Driver is “at your service” which means they will standby with the vehicle until you wish to leave or wait at a nearby coffee shop. However, our drivers are also happy to run errands or fulfill any other special requests that you may have (for e.g. pick up flowers, pick up clients or other guests, get the car washed, etc.).

Can I request a particular driver?—

Yes, if you desire a particular driver we will do all that we can to accommodate your request (driver requests can be made during the reservation process)

How are your drivers screened?—

Prochofer Transport is a member of the Professional Personal Drivers Association (PPDA) which is the ONLY national organization for the unregulated industry of professional personal drivers.

The mission of the PPDA is to establish industry standards for all personal drivers and to further those standards through training, evaluation, and adherence to stringent safety criteria. The PPDA provides the ONLY CERTIFICATION for personal drivers that encompasses the following criteria:

1. Complete Background Check

2. Full Safety Training

3. Thorough Reference Checks

4. Ongoing DMV Driver Monitoring

5. Drug Testing

The reason for such rigorous standards is to establish TRUST for consumers and PROFESSIONAL PRIDE for drivers and driving organizations that have been Certified by the PPDA.

How do I reserve a driver?—

Simply click on the reservations button and complete the easy Reserve-A-Driver form. You can also call 1-904-810-8448 if you have questions or wish to speak to someone in person..

What is your cancellation policy?—

If a cancellation occurs within 4 hours of the trip date and time a 4-hour charge will apply. See membership terms and conditions for complete description.

What if I don’t have a car?—

In particular cases our drivers are able to drive you in their car. Please call for details.

Why does the reservation form ask me to estimate the time I will need the driver?—

The time estimation helps us determine which driver to schedule for your needs (to avoid potential time conflicts).

Why should I use Prochofer Transport?—

Prochofer Transport is dedicated to providing you the most trusted, highly qualified drivers available. Your safety and satisfaction are our top priority.

Prochofer Transport enables you to relax and enjoy peace of mind while making the time you spend in your vehicle highly productive. Our members are able to avoid the stress and hassle of traffic, parking, navigating, etc. while relaxing in the comfort of their own personal vehicle.

Whether a night out on the town, getting to medical appointments, or for business purposes you can be sure Prochofer Transport will deliver you safely while providing the highest level of professionalism and customer service. Join us today and see how affordable and easy it is to simply, “Relax, and enjoy.”

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